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What we do

We are a strategic BIM Consultancy providing clients with a tailored workflow to improve their efficiency in Cost, Quality, & Time.

We help clients identify BIM solutions appropriate to actual need rather than according to their scale.  We are as happy investigating a specific BIM issue and developing a boutique solution for a multinational as we are delivering an FM solution for the owner of a small portfolio of buildings (and vice versa).

We are fully cross functional and support Designers (all disciplines), Contractors, Maintainers and Building Owners

We are specialists in big data - whether you are trying to hand it over, change it, or just look at it in a better or more simplified way


Why use us 


Over 16 years' experience of leading 2 major retailers to mandate the use of BIM (from 2006 - way before the UK Gov Level 2 mandate) and working with their design, construct and maintain teams to ensure that both the client AND the stakeholders get value out of adopting a common BIM process.

Extensive working with Continuous Improvement Groups to ensure that great ideas and approaches to workflow comes up from ALL the stakeholders in order to review before it can be disseminated as a new 'best practice'.

Founder members of BIM4Retail, working closely with other retailers and the UK BIM Task Force, as well as maintaining contacts with the other BIM4's such as BIM4FM, BIM4SME, BIM4Water.

Cutting edge knowledge of the integration of existing legacy data within FM systems to create field accessible 3D models and data via smart phone or tablet devices….without need for laser scanning of existing buildings.



Experience of working towards Level 2 BIM since 2009 means we understand that every new adopter's approach needs to be measured against the realistic in order to be achievable, we therefore always start by working with you to carry out an organisational level BIM maturity assessment.



We are not aligned to any one product/system of collaboration and are constantly scouring the market for process and systems that bring you the most added value - regardless of the size or scale of the originating designer.