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Join us at the BIM Prospects 2016 conference, BRE Watford, on the 6-7 April to see how we can help you in the world of BIM & Information Management. Last year’s BuildingSMART International summit was well attended and a real success, so raises the expectations for this year’s #bimprospects

With the UK Governments Level 2 BIM mandate only weeks away from coming into effect, the industry is still a long way from being ideally positioned to exceed expectations on all its BIM projects. For both the public and private sector, BIM success is less about the capability and maturity of hardware & software and more about effective change management, education, and practical experience on live projects.

How Fit4BIM are you? We are effective personal trainers in the BIM arena and are very well positioned to test your fitness, see how you compare to the competition, and provide you with a roadmap to reach your full potential and be #Fit4BIM.

We want you to evaluate your level of BIM maturity with us before and during the conference. Simply give us a call, email or drop by the stand at the conference. On the last day come see how your results compare to others in the market and get advice on how to move forward.

For those that complete a maturity assessment you have the chance to win a days free consultancy with us. Either get in touch before the conference, or drop by the stand.

iM4 are also very proud this year to introduce David Sibbitt who joined us in 2015 as Associate Director after nearly 10 years at ASDA Wal*Mart. I have known David for many years and he is very passionate about BIM and efficiency of information management. He headed up Highways, Utilities and Civil Engineering at ASDA, whilst running the internal and external design and Early Contractor Involvement teams to reduce exposure to cost and risk through the use of BIM.

David was also head of Feasibility, leading the integration of prototype design into feasibility projects and leading the development of BIM deliverables as employer information requirements (EIR’s) for new concept stores.

I am excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to meeting you very soon!

James Brown, Mar ‘16

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